AMD Teases DX12, VR Ready PCs – 7x Faster Than XBOX One And PS4 Yet Just As Small

AMD is teasing Radeon powered, console sized DirectX 12 and VR ready PCs that’s 8 times more powerful than the XBOX One and PS4.  A photo of a bunch these systems, appropriately finished in red, were posted on twitter by AMD’s Roy Taylor, one of the biggest VR advocates inside the company.

AMD Fury X2 DirectX 12 and VR Ready PCs

Very few details were given initially besides the picture you see above and the following tweet by Roy

“Developers, we have something coming for you…:)

It was later confirmed that the systems you see above are “Tiki” models from Falcon North West. A system builder who has collaborated with AMD to put the world’s fastest graphics card, AMD’s dual Fiji board, inside a compact – console sized – DirectX12 and VR ready powerhouse.


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